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A New Psychological Thriller

Wendy Hershey

Prologue  to Insanity

Allow me to invite you to preview my first psychological thriller, "Prologue to Insanity."  The main character, Julia Spires, is a well-respected psychiatrist living in the beautiful coastal area of Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island.  She begins to have haunting memories of her past which start to slowly erode her mind.  She tries to deny her own mental fragility, and gradually becomes desperate to survive and not lose her own sanity.  The unexpected ending is designed to shock the reader by delving into the world of mental illness, and its sometimes hopelessness.

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"At times, the reader will find it difficult to distinquish between reality and fantasy within the novel’s pages. A thriller!"
Author's Comment​s...

"My mind continually drifts across this vast country to the beautiful coastal area of Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island.  In my mind, I visualize the rocky shoreline with its relentless waves rolling onto the beach.  There are many free-spirited seagulls hovering near the water's edge as a slight breeze blows them gently about in the blue sky.  I recognize a tall, slender woman walking barefooted on the sandy beach between the rocks.  She never takes her eyes off of the horizon that suspends itself gracefully over the waters of the bay.

She is searching for the man from the sea.  
I have never been to Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island, but I know she is there."



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"The message in this book is so true. A true, simple answer to life's problems. I really enjoyed reading this. It was quite short, but right to the point!"

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