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The Love Books

Take Time Once More 

by Wendy Hershey

ISBN: 9781301149049

A woman pleads silently to her lost love, asking him to take time once more to remember the precious relationship they once had. She discovers in the end that there is only One who always hears and remembers her pleas.


Garden of Love 

by Wendy Hershey

ISBN: 9781301779758

"The unknown beauty of love can sprout in any garden. Look for that tiny seedling, nuture it, and cherish it always."

This poem expresses the beauty and wonder of new found love and how we must nuture it for it to survive a lifetime.
Love is delicate, but yet the most powerful of human emotions.

Love is magnificent!               


My Sweetest Blessing 

by Wendy Hershey​

ISBN: 9781301325634

​Can you find the love of your life more than once in a lifetime?

Many believe that true love only comes but once in a lifetime, but it can arrive to mend a broken heart when least expected.

Be thankful when this precious blessing comes into your life, for love is the greatest blessing of all.               


Two Distant Hearts 

by Wendy Hershey

ISBN: 9781301485635

Your love is out there waiting for only you. Ecclesiastes 3: "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens..." Be patient!

Love starts out as a distant desire and slowly evolves to appear where we are. Two distant hearts are brought together at a specific time. We must be patient.

You actually know who your love is before you meet. You might not know your love's name or face, but you know his or her heart.

This poem describes a woman who is waiting for that perfect time and place, for the meeting of two distant hearts.               


Review by: Gerty So on Dec. 15, 2012 : starstarstarstarstar
I just loved this book also.... Such a sweet poem and so true..... Yeah god can do wonderful things that is for sure......


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