Hello Everyone!   I am an avid reader and also an author of medical articles, inspirational pieces, psychological thrillers, and poetry. My career for the past twenty years has been as a medical professional in geriatric medicine.  I also have many years experience teaching music and also a long career as a successful business professional in the insurance industry. I have been blessed with an insatiable entrepreneurial spirit and currently have several successful online businesses.   I am what you would call a "Jackie of all Trades."
A surprise novelette will be arriving soon for my cat lover readers.  It features an adventuresome Bombay cat named Snoop, who you might say is just a brilliant little human covered with black fur. You will love the mischief this feline orchestrates in a small town in New Hampshire. 
I hope you will enjoy my new psychological thriller which will be available for sale in 2014. Prologue to Insanity will take you on a ride of madness.  It is indeed a frightening plunge into a psychiatrist's tangled mind, laced with intrigue, passion and murder.  There is no escape from the web of psychological terror and unfulfilled passion for a beautiful psychiatrist named Julia Spires.  COMING SOON!
Please enjoy my other free books and poetry until then.
Email:  info@wendyhershey.com
"Great reading to you!"
      Wendy Hershey
Many thanks to Newman, my editor, who is the most supportive and encouraging person I have ever known.  Thank you always from my heart!


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