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 ""The Adventures of Snoop Cat"

             Cat On a Bus

      In Bookstores early 2014

If I Couldn't Be Me, I'd Be a Cat!  by Wendy Hershey

ISBN-  9781301798322

Be more like a will live longer! This short little story takes a peek into some of the mysterious ways of our beloved feline friends. Adopt a few of the cat's secret ways, and you just might live to a ripe old age, and purr with contentment.



Anonymous Review on Barnes and

Posted January 13, 2013


Cat lover

"This is a 6 page book that is really fun to read. Six pages of pure sweetness. I love it and would recommend it to anyone."

The Ebony Cat 

by Wendy Hershey

ISBN- 9781301030033

A little poem of a black cat named Ebony. He arrived one day as a friskie young kitten and lived to a grand old age, always displaying affection to his owner. He rewarded his owner each day with kitty smiles, even into his elder days.

Cats have a way of smiling at us. We always know what they are saying when they are looking affectionately at us. They have big grins that display something special to only their owners.

If you'ever had a cat like Ebony, then you know what a kitty smile is like!               


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