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What do you read for pleasure? I enjoy a good mystery thriller that always keeps me wondering what will happen next. I love surprises in a book that make me turn the pages quickly! I particularly enjoy psychological suspense with a dash of passion with eerie coastal or mountain settings in the US or Canada.


When did you first start writing? I first started writing at about age 12. My first writings consisted of short poems about my favorite joy in life... my cats. As I grew older, I developed a great love for expository writing, which was introduced to me in various college English classes. Descriptive writing seemed to always be my thing in both poetry and prose. I continued throughout college to enroll in writing and literature classes, even though English was not my major. I simply loved the written word.


What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you? I am a great believer in creating an author website to introduce readers to myself and my writings. It must include samples of my present works, previews of my future publications and an easy way for my readers to contact me with questions or comments. The website must be colorful and simple to navigate with pictures of my book covers and reader reviews of my works. It must be a fun and interesting site for readers to visit and make them want to hurry back to see more of what I have to offer. I also make use of social networking such as Facebook and LinkedIn.


What common theme seems to weave its way throughout your writing? I would say the theme of human passion. Whether it be new love, the loss of love, hopelessness or even the calling of death, my readers will be able to personally identify with my character's situation in life. Readers will say, "I've been there and I understand." Passion runs deeply in my writing and hopefully stirs empathy from my readers. Passion is what makes us alive. Without it, life would certainly be bland. Passion is the color palate of life!


What's the story behind your latest book? My latest book is a psychological thriller revolving around the life of a renowned Rhode Island psychiatrist, Julia Spires. Julia has suffered a lifetime of her own mental illness and struggles to hide her secret world of hopelessness from her colleagues as well as the ones she loves. At times, the reader will find it difficult to distinquish between reality and fantasy as the plot soon reveals a nameless man from the sea who possesses Julia's mind. He comes to her, yet she has never seen his face. He touches her, yet she has never seen his hands. He desperately wants her. He has been following her for many years even though she tries to deny his existence. But does he exist? The story slowly exposes Julia's tangled mind and her deepest unfulfilled passions, as she fights desperately to maintain her own sanity in a world complicated by medical fraud and murder. Get ready for this thriller in 2014.


What do you have up and coming for your cat lover readers? I am working on a short story about an adventurous Bombay cat who lives in New Hampshire. His name is Snoop. Snoop never allows human barriers to stop his fun. He is a schemer who is determined to overcome any obstacles that a human throws his way. He can do what any human can do...but better! In this story, he and his cat pal Custer plan a wonderful surprise for a shelter filled with homeless cats. There are complications along the way that may tug at your heartstrings and possibly bring a few tears to your eyes. But if you've ever had a cat like Snoop, this little book will bring sweet memories and a smile to your face.

The Adventures of Snoop Cat will be a series of feline escapades featuring a daring Bombay cat named Snoop Alexander Stone. The stories will be designed for both children and adult reading and feature themes to touch the hearts of all ages.

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