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THE DREAM BOOKS                     

Dreams As I Slumber 

by Wendy Hershey

ISBN- 9781301543960

We often dream of people we have encountered from our daily life who seem to make a lasting impression on our hearts. Some people we meet have merry hearts, while others have no joy. We often wonder what lies behind those smiles or blank faces. Encourage others daily, for you might just be the one to save a soul from despair.


Review by: Georgina Woodbury on Feb. 02, 2013 : starstarstar
I loved the cover of the book. It is well represented of the contents. Whoever designed it well done. The poem itself was nicely written, my only qualm is that it is too short. I would have loved this to have been a short story. Perhaps the writer would write one maybe as some prose or something to add more to the book. I have to say well done.


Dreams As I Weep 

by Wendy Hershey


This poem is a heartfelt description of a woman who has been betrayed in love. She agonizes the loss of her love, even as she dreams. She cannot escape the memories that cause her to weep each night in solitary pain. The reader discovers that her heart remains open to one day again finding love.

Review by: Irate Books on Jan. 23, 2013 : starstarstarstar
Very beautiful poem.


Dreams As I Laugh

by Wendy Hershey 

ISBN- 9781301510665


The gift of laughter is truly a blessing. Sometimes laughter can open up a new path to an unrealized dream we need to discover, or recall a pleasant memory. Laughter can provide contentment to those in need, or to those who need uplifted. Laughter is a gift to all!

Dreams As I Walk 

by Wendy Hershey

ISBN- 9781301402298



Walking along alone in a peaceful, familiar setting can be a pleasant place to allow warm memories to be recalled, as well as those that were painful. But new dreams can be just up ahead on your walk, if you allow yourself to take an unknown destination in life. Take a chance, and dream as you walk!

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